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some1random1nick asked: Well now that you've posted human mod pic's, are we gonna get rule 63 mod pic's like we did with duck Ed?


There we go.

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Anonymous asked: Great, now he's got another thing to distract him Luna AfterDark.

But Anon. The purpose of this blog is pretty much to distract me from LAD.

It even says so on the header I have always had.


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christian-brutal-sniper-co asked: (I'm not sure if you're a male, or a female. Maybe that's a good thing, I dunno.)

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Fauxsquared requested a mod drawing but without the whole duck thing. SO! Here it is.

Tho’ this prolly wont help at all since I’m sure 99% of all artist here on tumblr look like this.

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arkanik7th asked: May I request a Vinyl Scratch/DJ P0N-3 on a sticky note, if you have any left?

I just have tiny sticky notes left.